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Ice Cream Cone Holder, Must Have Item for Every Party

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Posted on: 03/21/19

Cone Holder

This display rack is understated and timeless in design, allowing for use in a variety of venues. The clear, acrylic material allows your creation to take the spotlight. Assembly was user friendly and a screw" setting tool was included. It was stable and transported with cones inserted. It can be dissembled and returned to the flat carton for storage. It caught the attention of the children immediately. The 2 year old birthday girl celebrated by herself before the party started. The washing and care of this stand was sent to me after purchase. Inclusion in the box would have been preferred."I am sure that there are a million ways to keep ice cream cone cupcakes from falling over in the oven, but I thought it would just be easier to order this rack. It is a non-stick surface and does the job well. There is just a little space between the bottom of each ice cream cone and the pan. I used this rack to display the cupcakes later, so it might be worht yoru while to get two. I got one box of cake mix to produce 24 cupcakes in ice cream cones.I wanted to make these for my friends instead of the usual boxed cake I make for them. They really enjoyed them. I used the extra batter in muffin tins and made  ice cream cake cones. Make sure you prick the bottom of the cones with a fork when they come out of the oven, to keep them from getting soggy.Very sturdy, not flimsy at all. Worked perfectly to bake cupcakes in ice cream cones. I would suggest using a baking sheet underneath to contain spillage. Also, the legs don't fold under for storage. Not a big deal, but important to note if you're short on storage space. holder stand

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