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How to Explain dust mites allergies to Your Mom

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Posted on: 01/15/19


When you buy a People Are Good t-shirt out of Huvinity, you receive another top to give to somebody you do not understand.

The People Are Good T-Shirt

In Flo and Grace we do not waste much time dwelling on the negative, rather we search for the great on the planet --good health, very good food, good vibes and great men and women.

This week a little business from Mississippi touched me in a large way using three words they've been printing onto a t-shirts.


Huvinity, a business and a grassroots peace movement which believes that folks are great , is a shirt-giving, change-making, trust-building, cool-as-all-get-out, peace-laying, philanthropic business that believes in the best of individuals and in comfortable, high quality, ecofriendly garments.

Creator Meagan O'Nan considers that feelings of security and trust are what's lacking in our civilization. So she requested her staff how they may help boost trust between individuals ?

Buy a Shirt, Give a Shirt

What they came up with is straightforward.


"When you purchase a People Are Good t-shirt from Huvinity, we give you a a second shirt (on us!) To give to someone you don't know," clarifies Meagan.

I know, frightening? We do not like interacting with folks we do not understand! But, hey, fantastic things can happen when we're courageous and brave.

Meagan ardently believes that the ability of change is on your hands--which YOU can make change when you give this instant top to somebody you do not understand.

Note: The top we deliver you to give away is a random dimension team in blue revealed below.

Who Should I Give a Shirt To?

How can you know when or who to talk about a t-shirt with?

That is a fantastic question and one which Meagan gets alot.

She proposes not hurrying the process, but rather tucking that additional t-shirt in your glove box and waiting patiently for the ideal time and the ideal individual.

Perhaps it will be the adolescent helping the older girl load her groceries to her car. Perhaps it will be the person who hands you a quarter when you are short on change in the convenience store.

I am rather sure you will know.

Share Your Story

Huvinity would adore, love, love to listen to your giveaway narrative!

Simply tag your social networking articles with #huvinity (and a pic if you can) and tell the story of your Huvinity encounter.

And do not forget to wear your own shirt! When we see somebody else using a Huvinity shirt then we know that we've got some thing in common (they also, consider that folks are great ), and this hope building and peace which is our common ground.

Get Your People Are Good Tees

Order your People Are Good tees here and let us keep searching for the good in people and the entire world. Hats off to you Meagan along symptoms of allergy with the group at Huvinity. You done good!

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