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Watch Out: How Hawaii Social Media Marketing Is Taking Over And What To Do About It

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Posted on: 11/13/18

Throughout the years the meaning of SEO has undoubtedly altered. Years ago everyone approached it like it was a giant science task and today it is approached for the a lot of part like a marketing effort. Regrettably we still see individuals and business actually butchering the craft of SEO and offering it a bad name by using shotty company practices and spammy efforts to attempt and "market" their websites.

Here are my concepts of the drastic differences among taking a less than outstanding approach to growing any organisation and taking a top quality marketing method to your total seo movement.

Everybody appears to have an unique approach on how to get from point A to point B; some are worth mentioning and some are simply downright disrespectful to the market. The SEO industry is very important to keep clean and some out there truly give SEO people a bad image.

Here are some distinctions between good SEO and bad SEO.

Keyword Research

Good SEO

Putting together a combination of skyrocketing search volume keywords along with long tail keyword phrases and also some low search volume keywords elegantly and strategically through your website.


Merely going after one word keyword for each page of your site excited you will be at the top of the search engine result for just high search volume keywords.

Writing a Meta Tag

Excellent SEO

Crafting a friendly user focused meta title tag in excellent taste utilizing a targeted keyword phrase that is 60 web characters or less.


Taking your meta title tag and over packing it with your industry keywords believing it will work to your benefit when it comes time to rank in the search results.

Writing a Meta Tag Description

Great SEO

Keeping your site traffic in mind so your message can be heard when a site visitor reads your meta tag description in the search results. All this while using your targeted keywords for that particular page.


Taking a spammy technique and over stuffing your meta tag descriptions with the objectives of just attempting to achieve rankings and forgeting the overall user experience.

Material Optimization

Excellent SEO

Magnificently utilizing keywords and long tail expressions into your existing content so an individual can actually comprehend it and can still make a connection with what your business is attempting to say or interact.


Having numerous Hawaii Digital Marketing keywords jammed into your material that it is difficult to even read.

Press Release Composing & Circulation

Excellent SEO

Composing something deserving of a statement to get your surrounding community chattering about it on their sites and in their blog sites and dispersing the PR through a small handful of industry basic news release circulation services.


Certainly constructing a PR piece that is exclusively meant for online search engine and not a person.

Post Composing & Distribution

Excellent SEO

Putting yourself as an authority in your specific niche or area of study and composing a short article that your industry can actually benefit from is the way to go.


Writing a huge amount of short articles that most likely make no sense however are SEO 'd to death is not a targeted method.

Directory Submission

Excellent SEO